Health & Safety



Our company is committed to:


  • Promoting excellence in Safety Management and a concern for health and welfare in the workplace.


  • Safe environment practices in the selection, usage, handling and disposal of materials.




    Management will:


  • Provide a safe and healthy work place, safe equipment and proper materials to enable staff and outside contractors to carry out their duties in a safe manner.

  • Ensure all practicable steps are taken to ensure employees, contractors, clients and the public are not exposed to hazards.

  • Provide current and relevant Health and Safety training to all employees.

  • Ensure adherence to safe work methods and safe work practices by all persons.

  • Provide initiative and follow-up action on all matters concerning Health and Safety in the workplace.

  • To comply with the current Health and Safety in Employment Act.


    Employee’s will:


  • Take 5 and identify any probable hazards and eliminate, isolate and minimise before commencing work.

  • Observe and practice safe work methods.

  • Correctly use safety equipment and person protective equipment provided.

  • Report any unsafe condition or equipment to their manager immediately.